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are you looking for the best coffee roastery in Brisbane?

the answer is open coffee


Open Coffee began with the idea of providing people of the industry with the necessary tools and skills to create a collaborative and passionate community where everyone involves can be benefited. As we truly believe in building a strong community exploring coffee together, open coffee can offer the best equipment to work with, since it is the first collective coffee roastery in Queensland. Here, you can hire our beautiful state of art Loring roasters and start roasting your coffee in our shared roasting space, where you will find everything you need to start your coffee brand, from green beans to bagging equipment and much more.  So, whether you’re a café owner, barista, enthusiast, or corporate business, you have access to all the tools, expertise, and support needed to help you and your brand grow as we are here to help you.


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What is a Collective Roastery?

Open Coffee is a Collective Roastery, which means it is a shared roasting facility where members pay a fee to use the best roasting equipment as well as they benefit from other areas of the collective roastery: Green Beans, Bagging Equipment, Cupping Room, Sample Room, Espresso Equipment, Library, Office Equipment and almost anything else you might need. At Open Coffee Roastery, members have access to the entire facility.  Besides the state-of-the-art roasting equipment, you also have access to everything you need to start and grow your very own coffee business. Anyone interested can learn how to roast, start their brand of coffee and run or expand their own business. Open coffee provides the opportunity to learn, the industry contacts to assist along the journey, and the expertise and support bring your vision to fruition.


It also provides a financial benefit due to the per kilogram price being less than branded coffees while using higher quality beans.


Open Coffee has anything you would need, your local roasters and your local brands all in one place.

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