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What is a Collective Roastery?


Open coffee was born in late 2008 after a long conversation with a family friend in his 70s who had roasted coffee his whole life. He wanted to know from a younger person’s perspective, where the coffee industry was heading, so it ended up with some interesting points of view. For example, there are so many people interested in learning about coffee but there is a lack of educational spaces and tools, the variation of skills acquisition leads to increased remuneration since it can improve the coffee industry wages by gathering and collaborating with skilled and passionate coffee people. As an enthusiast of coffee, I can say the Coffee industry can be anything we imagine it to be, that’s what I want to offer and bring to everyone interested.


I have to add, coffee found me when I was at University studying law while pursued our sporting dreams with my wife, then I didn’t know I was participating in the coffee game but somehow all that casual work was my entrance to the big league. Since then, slowly but surely, I have not stopped building this ship where we want to raise a community and support local coffee roasters by strengthening their coffee brands, supporting local jobs, local skill acquisition, and improving the vibrancy and diversity of the local community. This all adds up to providing the best opportunity to support farmers and the supply chain with the added benefit of a better-tasting cup of coffee for you.

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